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our Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs are simple: Spend time outside. Value friends and family. Embrace the journey. We’ve built our store on these principles. Welcome to our adventure collective.

to get lost is to find the way

One of the great reasons for adventure, we believe, is to explore within and without, to learn both about ourselves and the broader world. Adventure is not about scale or status. Adventure is about perspective and attitude. Adventure tests us. Strengthens us. Restores us. Adventure is for those seeking a glimpse outside the echo chamber and a life charged with meaning.

everyday adventure

Adventurers belong to a unique tribe. They live with an eye toward understanding. They see inspiration in a map and opportunity in an open road. They are alert observers. They like to test themselves. At times, they prefer to feel themselves the stranger. They ask questions and are on the lookout for answers.

Adventurers know that a journey doesn’t begin when you depart or end when you arrive. Adventure is a mindset, not a privilege or a checked box on a bucket list.  Often the best adventures are simple and unremarkable: A hike after work. Skipping stones with a friend. Learning something new.

Our mission

The mission of Get Lost is to explore what it means to live an adventure-driven life. We want to offer a different perspective, a counterpoint. A slow to the fast. A quiet to the ever-present noise. A campfire and a starry night to the glowing screens.

So study your map. Pack your bags. Get lost for a while. Be a stranger in a far-off place. Discover what’s down the road and over the next hill. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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