Wrap Yourself up in a Cozy Blanket

When we were kids, camping blankets were heavy, itchy army blankets that smelled like pond water. Thankfully, those days are gone. Camping blankets today are soft, comfortable, and light. They are made from the same high-performance technical materials that are used in premium sleeping bags and jackets. And these blankets have style and versatility. Since they are packable and lightweight, you can take them on road trips and long flights. If you like a splash of color, then you’re in luck. modern camp blankets don't just come in a few drab colors. Today, you'll find blankets decorated with about anything you can imagine—trout, trees, rainbows—you name it. In short, we are living in the midst of a blanket revolution.

The blanket revolution has brought a re-imaging of the poncho as well. Pull a modern puffy poncho over your head and you’ll feel like you are wearing a cloud of warmth. The poncho is literally a mobile sleeping bag that you can wear just about anywhere—from football games to campfire gatherings.

At Get Lost, we carry a full line of high quality, affordable, and lightweight camping blankets. We feature a wide variety of blankets from our two favorite blanket brands: Rumpl and Belmont. From down puffy blankets to water-resistant stash mats, you’re sure to find a warm, dependable blanket  in our curated collection. Whether you're camping, overlanding, or lounging around the campfire, our blankets are perfect for any adventure. 

We’ve Got All Your Favorites

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