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Camping Gear for When the Road Ends

In our backcountry camping gear collection, you'll find all the essentials for day hikes, overnight adventures, and extended backcountry excursions. At Get Lost, we believe in the importance of outdoor living. Camping reconnects us to the wild. It puts us in touch with our essential self. Whether it is overnight tent camping, ultralight backpacking, or overlanding on remote roads, the overarching goal is still the same--to get away from it all. Much of what inspires the Get Lost camping catalog is inspired by this sentiment of escape. From canvas tents, to fire starting tools, to backpacks, to camp stoves, the gear in our catalog is curated to give you the essential camping gear for wilderness adventure.

We know that well-chosen quality gear makes an adventure safer and more enjoyable, so we test our gear ourselves in the mountains near our shop in Spokane, Washington. We know from experience that there's an important difference between what you can take on a camping trip and what you should take. We're proud to get behind and recommend the gear in our store because this is the gear we use ourselves. It's the gear we trust. We focus on canvas tents, for example, because canvas tents are what we grew up camping in, which means that we know the value of a quality canvas tent from decades of experience. These aren't discount tents from box stores; these are true four-season tents that are built to stand up to rain, sun, snow, and storm. But tents are just one example. Whether it's a camp stove, a cot, a backpack, or a water filter, you can rest assured that we don't just sell it--we recommend it. 

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We're your trusted source for premium camping gear and essentials. Outfit your camping kit with the best gear from respected brands like Crazy Creek, Bushtec, Buck Knives, Aquamira, and Esbit.

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