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Keeping your food and beverages cold is an essential part of many adventures. Whether you’re car camping, overlanding, boondocking, or just enjoying a drink when returning to the trailhead, the difference between a so-so cooler and a premium cooler becomes obvious when you crack open a cold one that proves not so cold.

The truth about coolers that a lot of people don’t realize is the good coolers don’t keep cold in; they keep heat out.  This means construction and insulation are difference makers. Cheap, low-grade materials mean poor insulation. In addition, a good cooler must airtight because warm air is the enemy of cold. The best coolers are molded out of a single piece of plastic with no seams, in a process called roto-molding. Roto-molding incredibly effective at keeping air out and cold in.

Electric cooler-fridges are a modern take on the traditional cooler. Cooler-fridges are smaller and more durable version of the refrigerators that we use in our kitchen. Since they are typically used by van-lifers, overlanders, and campers who go on extended trips, the difference between these portable fridges and their larger stay-at-home brothers is that portable cooler fridges are designed to tolerate bumpy roads, and since the connect to your car battery, they need to be very efficient.  

Food and drink taste better outside—at least that’s how we feel, which is why we’re serious when it comes to coolers and portable fridges. They need to be durable, well-insulated, and designed for the rugged demands of the outdoors. Whether we’re in the desert or the mountains, we need coolers and fridges that will keep our food and drink ice cold. It's this type of thinking that guides us when we choose the coolers and fridges that we carry because the gear we sell is the gear we use too. So it can't be just good enoughit has to be the best of the best. This is why we only carry Truma portable fridge freezers. They are truly best in class, designed for and tested in the Australian outback. Truma portable fridge freezers are built like tanks but run quiet and stay icy cold. 

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