Bigfoot with lantern

Fire warms us. Fire makes us feel safe. Fire allows us to cook and eat. Like air and water, fire is infinitely necessary. Yes, there is utility in fire, but there is also mystery and charm. Fire is ancient, primordial. Some say it is the gift of the gods. There is beauty in flame and comfort in the smell and sound of crackling wood. Fire brings friends and families together. It mesmerizes. It invites stories and laughter and song.

What's more, one could rightly say that fire is essential to the human experience, a defining trait of humankind and a signature skill of self-reliance. It was fire that allowed us to ascend and civilize, and yet it is fire, perhaps more than anything else, that reconnects us to our wilder past. Fire sustains us. Fire enables us. But most importantly, fire reminds us who we are meant to be.