Survival Gear

Outdoor Survival Gear to Always Be Prepared

When you’re in the outdoors, conditions can change quickly, which is why survival gear is so important. First aid supplies, survival tools, and emergency gear are an essential part of self-reliance and safety—the kind of crucial supplies that you hope you never have to use but are glad to have if the unthinkable happens. From Kelly Kettles to first aid kits to water and food storage containers, we carry a wide selection of functional, dependable, and innovative survival gear for emergency preparedness and outdoor survival.

The gear in this collection is called survival gear, but it’s not just for survivalists. The beauty of our survival collection is that everything we sell is multi-functional. Our Aquabrick water storage containers, for example, are ideal for emergency food and water storage, but they can also serve double-duty on camping trips. The same goes for our water filters, Kelly Kettles, and fire starters; keep them at the ready in your house or in your car for emergencies, but take them on your next backpacking trip as well.  

We’ve Got Your Favorite Camping Survival Gear

We're your trusted source for premium survival and emergency preparedness equipment. Shop for survival gear from the best brands like My Medic, Kelly Kettle, Sagan Life, and Überleben.

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