stoker stove in stainless steel
stoker stove - flat
stoker stove with flames
stoker stove  assembly
stoker stove  by river
stoker stove in titanium
stoker stove with ferrocerium
stoker stove with kindling
stoker stove with egg
stoker stove with canvas bag

Stöker Flatpack Stove

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A Simple Camp Stove that is Simply Better

Are you tired of fussing with fuel for you camp stove? Here's the solution: The Stöker Flatpack Stove. The Stöker is fueled entirely by organic matter. As long as you can find branches, sticks, and twigs, you'll be good to go. You won’t need to haul those traditional fuel-dependent stoves anymore. Instead, you can travel with a durable, easy-to-assemble stove that is compact and light. The Stöker Stainless weighs in at only 14.6 oz and the Titanium is 7.3 oz (including the canvas sleeve). That’s all you’ll need to keep warm and to prepare your food and hot coffee. 

uberleben stoker stove in woodsbearded man with bushcraft stove

The Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove is changing the way people spend time outdoors. It takes only seconds to put together and since there are no moving parts it will keep performing for you for the long haul. All you need to do is put burnable materials inside it, light it up, and then watch it go. The surrounding sidewalls will protect your fire from the elements and keep it burning even when there is a breeze. They’ll also keep your fire contained and safe. If you’re ready to simplify and improve the process of cooking and creating heat at your campsite, then the Stöker stove is here to make that happen. 

  • Simple 5-panel assembly allows for low profile / flat pack stow.
  • Available in HD 304 grade Stainless Steel or Titanium. Both are anti-corrosive and extremely strong
  • Includes unwaxed canvas sleeve (wax or leave breathable, according to your climate / preference).
  • Canvas Sleeve doubles as a tinder bag.
  • Weight: 7.3 oz. Titanium (including canvas sleeve); 14.6 oz. Stainless Steel  
  • Assembled Dimensions: Height - 6.5'', Width - 5.5''( at base) and 4.5'' (at top)