Kindle the Flame

Welcome to the Adventure

Each book in this four-part series explores a different pillar of the adventure-driven life and the skills that sustain it. The entire series is underpinned by two related truths: A well-lived life is an adventurous life and an adventurous life requires skillful living.


Awaken the Bear

Rediscover the wildness within you and the strength-inducing powers of the natural world
As a people, we have slipped into a collective hibernation. Our actions are out of sync with our wild inheritance. To wake up, we need to stop the noise, activate our senses, and re-wild our daily patterns. Awaken the Bear uncovers the restorative powers of nature and opens the door to wilder and more meaningful life.

awaken the bear



Sharpen the Blade

Take control, live by code, and transform your everyday life into an adventure

Stuck in a rut? Feeling dull around the edges? Why do we accept good enough when the world offers so much more? Sharpen the Blade rethinks our patterns and uncovers an alternate way of approaching life defined by action, adventure, and contentment.

Sharpen the Blade


Embrace the Journey 

Turn obstacles into opportunities, failure into lessons, and look past your fear

Learn what it means to truly live by retracing the steps of monks, warriors, poets, and rebels. What would it be like to roam without boundaries? What can you do to live free from limitations? Embrace the Journey offers answers to these questions inspired by the world’s most adventurous minds.

embrace the journey


Kindle the Flame 

Inspire others, live with purpose, and become alive to the true potential of those around you

Adventure is defined by more than courage, accomplishment, or memorable photos. Rightly understood, adventure is about small gifts, selfless acts, and the deeper values that inform our lives. There are countless books about daring adventure. This is not one of them. Kindle the Flame is a celebration of humbler moments like campfires, sunsets, and the simple joy of a well-skipped stone.

Kindle the Flame