Our Story

Freedom. Wilderness. Challenge. Quality.


We believe freedom and self-reliance are catalysts for well-being.


We believe time well-spent in the outdoors builds character and teaches wisdom.


We believe daily activity—specifically challenging outdoor activity—keeps the mind sound and the body strong. 


We believe quality matters. It's what we pass down to our children and our children's children

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Guiding Principles

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Our Store

These are the brands we trust. This is the gear we use ourselves. Everything in our catalog, from top to bottom, is chosen carefully. We like quality. We like gear that we can pass down to our kids. We like working with brands that align with our principles.

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Our Journal

Every week we share an article that digs into what it means to live adventurously, to think adventurously, and to inspire others to do the same. No filler. No BS. Just straightforward storytelling, useful tips, and roadmaps to adventure. We promise.

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Our Philosophy

Hey, I’m Brian, the founder of Get Lost. The way I see it, this store is a thank you—a raised glass, you might say, to adventure, to wilderness, and to all those who understand that quality matters and that freedom, true freedom, is a choice, not an idea.

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