Our Philosophy

Looking for a counterpoint to our plugged-in world? Seeking more adventure? You’ve come to the right place. At Get Lost we invite you to pause and think. We encourage you to live skillfully, think adventurously, and see the world through an adventure-inspired lens. 

Our goal is to teach and promote a principled and self-reliant approach to living. We call it the Adventure Driven Life. We bring together ancient ideas, modern research, and a healthy dose of common sense to form an actionable, step-by-step approach to living.



Know Your Engine

What drives you? We believe that a meaningful life is impossible without honest introspection and purposeful action.

This means that we need to think like a mechanic and study our inner engine—we need to consider how we are built and what we are designed for. When we do, we realize that we were born TO EXPLORE NEW PLACES & IDEAS, TO EMBRACE CHANGE & CHALLENGE, and TO BE ACTIVE OUTSIDE. 

Look around and you’ll see people clinging to sameness and addicted to screens. We all know deep down that we are built for something more, designed for a path that is meaningful and adventurous. But how do we get there?

Knowing our inner engine is the first step. The second is fine-tuning the machinery, which means saying no to the non-essential and focusing on adventure-driven principles.



Live Skillfully

We all have the aim, deep down, of finding well-being. But do we have the skills to achieve it? Too often we live unskillfully. We choose ease over challenge and comfort over change. We are fueled by empty values like prestige and pleasure instead of deeper values like gratitude and integrity.

The solution is to train ourselves to be more skillful by activating the four gears that power our inner engine: Freedom, Challenge, Wilderness, and Quality

These four gears empower our mind and body and calibrate our compass. When we activate these gears, we become seekers, explorers, and travelers. We wake up optimistic and wide-eyed. We go to sleep self-reliant and content.

This is not self-improvement. Self-improvement focuses on what we lack. This is self-acceptance and self-awareness, which focus on fine-tuning what we have so it aligns with what we are designed foradventure.



Be the Spark

Blaming others for our circumstances gets us nowhere. In practical terms, this means that we need to be pro-active not re-active. 

Every engine needs a spark. If we dwell on excuses or wait for a better life to come to us, it may never arrive. In fact, it probably won’t. Instead, we need to be the spark. To do this we must own our actions and take control of our narrative by pursuing each day with an adventurous mindset. The measure of our ability to do this ultimately defines our character.

Once we embrace an adventure-driven life, we discover that sharing our spark makes our own fire burn more brightly. Put more simply, we realize that adventure’s greatest rewards arise when we share adventure with others.



Join the Adventure Collective 


Everything we do at Get Lost draws inspiration from our adventure-driven principles. It’s important to us that you know this because we want you to understand who we really are. 

We believe that adventure without principles is merely another commodity. It looks good on social media, it feels good in the moment, but it adds nothing to the greater good. Unprincipled adventure is about prestige or self-importance.

Principled adventure is another story. Its defining qualities are humility, independence, and discovery. It kindles a narrative that is rich with meaning. This is the version of adventure that we choose to embrace.

Our goal is to reclaim adventure, to embrace it as a skill set rather than an activity, an attitude rather than a box on a bucket list.

Does any of this strike a chord with you? We hope so. If it does, there are several ways to learn more, engage with our community, and join the adventure.