Our Philosophy

Looking for a counterpoint to our modern world? Seeking something truer, more meaningful? You’re in good company here. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do know this: Wilderness makes us better.

At Get Lost we invite you to pause and think. We encourage you to live simply, skillfully, and intentionally. Most importantly, we hope to remind you that wilderness opens the door to a more authentic life, a way of being that we all need to hold close.

Look around and you’ll see people clinging to sameness and ease. We all know deep down that we are built for something more, designed for a path that is meaningful and adventurous. But how do we get there? I founded Get Lost because I wanted to be part of the answer.

I believe that wild places teach us who we are meant to be. They remind that we were born to explore, to embrace challenge, and to be strong, independent, and active. Wild places also show us the value of freedom, and that we are part of something greater, a world rich with meaning if we only know where to look.