The Get Lost Story


Hi, I’m Brian, the founder of Get Lost. I'm a teacher, writer, traveler, and the guy behind all the content on

Get Lost began as an idea that evolved into a book and a blog. Now it's those things and an e-commerce store as well. Brian in Jeep

Where to Start? 

You'll find all the guiding principles behind Get Lost in the book, AWAKEN THE BEAR. The book started it all and it's the inspiration for this website. Reading the book is the best entry point for anyone who wants to know more about Get Lost and the philosophy that drives it. 

Awaken the Bear

The blog is a natural place to begin too (I recommend this article or this one) or you can sign up for the newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date on everything, which means you'll never miss a post, which is pretty cool.  


About the Store

The Adventure-Driven Life, for many years, was just an idea that I taught and pursued in my travels. Eventually, it evolved into a book and a blog. Now it's those things and an e-commerce store as well, where I publish my books and sell goods inspired by the adventure-driven mindset. 

The store has gradually become a crucial component in the Get Lost project, and it's something that I'm really proud of. Most importantly, the store provides a way to give back and enact change in a meaningful way: A portion of every purchase in the store is donated to organizations that align with the Get Lost philosophy (You can find out more about our partners here).



 About the Blog

Every week I share an article that digs into what it means to live adventurously, to think adventurously, and to inspire others to do the same. As far as I can tell, the recipe for real happiness isn't that complicated: Spend time outside. Value friends and family. Keep it simple. This belief informs how I spend my days, how I raise my boys, and what I write aboutit's the beating heart behind what I've set out to create with Get Lost.