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Get Lost Chain Link T-shirt - Men's

Product image 1Men's Get Lost Chain Link T-shirt in Black
Product image 2Men's Get Lost Chain Link T-shirt in Grass Green
Product image 3Men's Get Lost Chain Link T-shirt in Charcoal Black
Product image 4Men's Get Lost Chain Link T-shirt in steel Blue

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The Chain Link T-shirt was designed by our new friends at Quel Design. Here’s the backstory: We sent them a copy of Awaken the Bear and invited them to see where the book led them artistically. A week later they sent us a collection of designs that included this beauty. The chain link graphic is simple and clean—that’s partly why we like it so much. But more than that, it taps into and evokes an idea at the core of Get Lost: The powerful link between outdoor adventure and well-being. So, long story short, Quel nailed this one, and we’re pretty stoked to add the Chain Link T-shirt to our catalogue.

Quote from Awaken the Bear 


  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Extra Light Tri-blend Fabric
  • 100% Trail Ready
  • Designed and Printed in the United States
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