rheinland hatchet

The Rheinland Hatchet

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The Adler Rheinland Hatchet is an impressive blade for a reasonable price. Adler was founded in 1919 by Josef Schmitt. Ever Adler Axe now bears the “JSW” mark—the “JS” to honor Josef Schmitt and the “W” to signify its time-honored origins in the small village of Wiesental (located just south of the current factory  in Waghäusel). In other words, this isn't your standard-fare hardware store axe. This blade has character, history, and craft. 

The head shape is the German “Rheinland” pattern which offers a slightly larger, curved cutting surface. The ergonomic handle is hewn from US hickory and painted with a unique anti-slip paint pattern for better grip. Each hatchet comes with a heavy-duty leather sheath and a cotton storage bag. Like it's slightly larger brother, the Yankee, the Rheinland is unrivaled at this price point. 

One more reason to swing an Adler: The Adler paint factory is water-based and wood waste is used to generate the energy (up to 700KW) that runs their factory. Pretty Cool. 

  • Head weight: 1.35 Lbs
  • Total weight: 1.9 Lbs
  • Head mount: wood and round metal wedge
  • Handle length: 14 inches
  • Handle type: US sourced hickory, ergonomic curved shape
  • Handle colors: Black (anti-slip) and red
  • Sheath: Heavy duty leather with robust buttons (Made in Spain)
  • Steel type: C45
  • Rockwell hardness of head: 47-55 hrc
  • Packaging: Cotton pouch (Made in USA) with instruction manual


  • Adler has been awarded a VPA GS Quality Certification. The VPA acts as an objective testing center to assess product quality and safety in accordance with the German Equipment and Product Safety Act.
  • Adler has been granted a Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC)© which the company renews each year.
  • Adler is a certified FWI facility ("Deutsches Werkzeug - made in Germany") confirming that the product country of origin is Germany.