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Awaken your inner bear

Rediscover the wildness within you and the strength-inducing powers of the natural world

As a people, we have slipped into a collective hibernation. Our actions are out of sync with our wild inheritance. To wake up, we need to stop the noise, activate our senses, and re-wild our daily patterns. Awaken the Bear uncovers the restorative powers of nature and opens the door to wilder and more meaningful life.


The Adventure-driven life: Read the Blog

The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask

Life is richer if we choose to see it as a vast adventure. Life is richer if we are guided by the right question.

The Art of Adventurous Living: The Siren of Longing

It’s easy to be tempted by the myth that the quality of an adventure rises in direct proportion to dollars spent and ...

A Welcome Ray of Light

To experience gratitude, we must acknowledge that we are not in control. We must admit that what is good often comes...

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