Tembo Tusk

What We Like About Tembo Tusk

Our relationship with Tembo Tusk started many years ago at Overland Expo West when we first met Jerry L’Ecuyer, the founder of Tembo Tusk. Jerry was working his display booth, talking to customers, and grilling up samples on a Skottle. This was in 2016. The way Jerry explained it, he started Tembo Tusk because he didn’t like the other grills on the market. They were poorly built, mostly made in China, and not versatile enough. When he founded Tembo Tusk in 2010 he set out to do better than the competition, and he choose an admirable goal. In his words: “Our gear is designed to last a life time or more and if it doesn’t we will replace it.” After seeing the Skottle in action that day, we bought our first Skottle. Since then it’s been to Alaska, Maine, Utah, Idaho and plenty of other amazing destinations. What we love about our Skottle is that, like all good cast iron cookware, it just keeps getting better over time. Our carry bag is looking a little worse for wear, but open it up, and our trusty Skottle looks better than it did when we first bought it. That’s something you can’t say about a lot of other camping equipment. We think a big reason Jerry’s Skottle stands above the rest of the competition is that, from the start, Jerry committed to manufacturing his Skottles in America using American labor and materials. That’s not an easy promise to keep these days, but he’s done it, and the results speak for themselves.