Luno Life

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What We Like about Luno Life

We like Luno because, like us, they are huge fans of car camping, spontaneous getaways, and dirt road discoveries. Like many of our favorite brands, Luno Life’s initial inspiration came about on an outdoor adventure. In their case, it was night spent in the back of a Subaru at Mammoth Mountain. That night led to a question: Why wasn’t there a more comfortable and efficient way to sleep in a car—and that’s when Luno was born. The difference between Luno and other car mattress companies is that Luno did exhaustive research and development. They knew that the secret was to create a system that worked equally well for thousands of different car styles. The end result is a modular mattress system that fits nearly every car, large and small. And Luno is adding new sizes as we speak.  Every time we sell a Luno mattress, we feel good about it because we know that these mattresses are incredibly comfortable and built to last. Our Luno customers are happy customers, which makes us happy too.