Crazy Creek

What We Like about Crazy Creek

Crazy Creek is a Montana company that has been around for decades. They are still headquarted in Red Lodge, Montana at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains, so you know they’ve got their priorities right. Since their start in 1987, their single-minded goal has been, in their words, to perfect “just sit there” no matter what terrain “there” might include. Today, Crazy Creek chairs are used around the globe.

Crazy Creek’s origin story is a good one: It all begin during a stormy week of backpacking in the Colorado wilderness. Crazy Creek’s founder, Rob Hart, was leading a group of Outward Bound students into the backcounty. One rain-soaked night at camp he wondered why there wasn’t something better to sit on than a fallen log or tree stump—it was a simple problem in need of a solution. Using an old canoe chair as inspiration, Rob and his girlfriend Louise Chandler began working on prototypes using more modern materials. Over many months of experimentation the first Original Chair was born.

We appreciate Crazy Creek’s amazing customer service as well as their attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our two favorite chairs in their lineup are the Original (obviously) and the Hex 2.0 Original. The original is comfortable, rugged, and dependable. It’s one of those must-have items that belongs in everyone’s trunk because you’ll never stop finding uses for it—beach parties, picnics, sporting events, campouts . . . the list goes on. The Hex 2.0 Original is lighter and more packable, which makes it our go-to accessory on backpacking trips. Trust us, a warm cup of coffee by a mountain lake while lounging in a comfortable Crazy Creek chair . . . it just doesn’t get any better than that.