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What We Like about Bushtec

Bushtec is a South African company that makes the most well-designed and durable tents on the market. Most canvas tent companies cut corners. Not Bushtec. Bushtec tents are leak proof, UV and rot resistant, and fire retardant. There’s a reason that Bushtec has been outfitting NGOs and military operations for over fifty years. Bushtec tests its tents in wind tunnels. They obsess over quality components. They’ve been fine-tuning their tent designs for decades. With Bushtec, the difference is in the details: Most canvas tent companies use 0.8mm steel. Bushtec uses 1.2mm. Bushteck's stakes are unbendable. Their zippers are the best in the industry. Their reinforced seems don’t leak, and their waterproof 17oz PVC flooring conjoins with the walls to protect from rain, snow, and flooding. The old adage that you get what you pay for is definitely true when it comes to Bushtec tents. A Bushtec tent is a true four-season tent. All of the parts have lifetime warranty. Their tents are built to last for decades, not years, and they have a modular design that allows expansion over time without replacing initial parts. A Bushtec tent is truly a tent you can pass on from generation to generation