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Awaken the Bear by Brian Meier

Awaken the Bear

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Wilderness Makes Us Better

There is a power in the untamed wild that speaks to something deep within us. Awaken the Bear is an exploration of this vital power, the wildness within and without that attunes us to our better selves. Written by Brian Meier, the founder of Get Lost, Awaken the Bear offers a simple but timely counterpoint to our plugged in world.

Reconnecting with the Wild

Awaken the Bear takes a deep-dive into the idea that reconnecting with our wilder nature—waking up, you might say, our inner bear—is a crucial component in our well-being. Let's face it. The modern world has lulled us into a collective hibernation. To wake up, we need to stop the noise, activate our senses, and re-wild our daily patterns. 

What Does it Mean to Awaken the Bear?

This book is for the growing category of people who are tired of a world behind screens, tired of myopic hedonism and self-absorption, who feel increasingly certain that our modern “civilized” world represses the import and worships the insignificant.

Awaken the Bear explores an alternate way of being, a third way, an entry point into a space in which our ordinary reality is replaced with something extraordinary—a dimension more beautiful and more heroic, where the wonders of the natural world awaken us from our sleepwalking trance and remind use what matters most.

Each chapter is a reminder that the goal for all of us should be to live a life that is wild and authentic. Page by page, Awaken the Bear lays out simple, actionable ways to open the door to a wilder and more meaningful life.  

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"An absolute must-read for adventure seekers everywhere!"

"Forced me to rethink my routine and how I, along with most of us, have lost sight of what truly is important."

"This book is a memory inducing journey that brings back moments of my own adventures as a young man. Brian’s words are a reminder for us all to get out of our routine, get out of our cities and get back to nature. The quiet and solitude recharges us and allows us to reflect and grow. If you want a book that you can read more than once, this is it. I read it on a 4 hour flight and read it again on the way back. It’s one that I take on work trips to remind me to take trips to escape. Check it out, you won’t regret it." 

"After I finished reading the book, I did two things: (1) I read it again, and (2) I bought a pair of hiking boots . . . Reading this was time well spent. Powerful."