I don't know much, but I know one thing for certain: Wilderness makes us better.

If you study Get Lost closely—read the journal, browse the catalog, maybe try one of the grilled trout recipes or take a road trip that I’ve posted—I think you’ll see that at every turn I try to stay true to this guiding principle. It’s a value that was shared with me when I was young. It’s a value that seems worth passing on, now more than ever.

Owning a small business like Get Lost has me wearing many hats. I write the journal. I film the videos. I manage the catalog. If you buy something, I'm the one who wraps it up and drops it in the mail. But ownership has also come with many unexpected rewards. Most notably, new friendships. I have found myself blessed by the company of adventurous people who as a whole have proven generous, quick to laugh, and open-minded. Again and again, I have encountered a depth of character and a radiant spirit that I admire and hope to emulate. Their adventurous spirit, in a very real way, is now part of Get Lost too.

Get Lost has also allowed me to work with other small businesses who share my love of the outdoors. I am happy to report that the outdoor industry is teeming with tinkerers, creatives, and wild-eyed optimists. Know that when you support this small business, you’re also supporting other small businesses who are doing things the right way for the right reason—companies like Überleben, nCamp, Belmont Blankets, and Art4All—to name just a few.  

And one more thing. Thank you. Thank you for supporting this project and everything it represents. I truly mean that. Thank you for writing positive reviews. Thank you for your encouraging emails. Thank you for watching my videos—even the bad ones. Thank you for commenting on my blog and reading my book. Thank you for slapping Get Lost stickers on your cars and water bottles. I know there are thousands of other stores out there. Thank you for choosing this one.

Brian Meier, Founder

brian in jeep