Barebones Living

What We Like about Barebones Living

The story of Barebones Living begins with Robert Workman, its founder. Robert grew up on a ranch in northern Wyoming where he learned the value of self-reliance and outdoor living. Robert has always lived by a simple motto: Do good. Get good. This motto led him to found Tifie, a philanthropic company that helps marginalized individuals meet their own basic needs and achieve economic independence through enterprise. While working with Tifie in Africa, Robert saw a need for inexpensive solar power, which inspired him to launch Goal Zero. Today, you probably know Goal Zero for it’s popular line of solar powered camping accessories, but Goal Zero is also  dedicated to a higher objective: To provide people all over the world with electricity through portable solar chargers. After the success of Goal Zero, Robert returned to his rural roots with the launch of yet another business: Barebones Living. With Barebone's, Robert hoped to continue his philanthropic and humanitarian work with a business focused on simple, sustainable living. We are proud to carry Barebone Living's products in our Open Fire Cooking and our Foraging catalogs because we share Robert's belief that outdoor cooking, natural living, and the pull of a fire all teach us how to be better people.