If exploring the outdoors is your passion, you’re on the right page. Even if it isn’t yet and you’re just about to embark on your first ever camping trip or an overnight outdoor trek, you’re still on the right page. You’ll find everything to get started here. 

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert, you’ll find the Bigfoot Journal to be a treasure trove of information that will help make your outdoor experience more pleasurable and deepen your love for adventure trips. The world of camping is no doubt exciting, fun, and even empowering but without the right skills, essential equipment, and adequate preparation, it can be a tough ride in the wild. While outdoor living must ideally be embraced with simplicity, it’s essential to equip yourself with some basic know-how and techniques for self-reliance when living amid nature. 

Camping blogs here cover all that there is to know about surviving in the wild. But that’s not all! You’ll also find articles covering how to discover beautiful scenic routes, involving kids in your camping expeditions, the joys of appreciating nature, and valuable skills that would make outdoor expeditions easier. 

In addition, the Bigfoot Journal is also an overlanding journal with precious tips for those of you interested in overlanding travel. Van camping is another pursuit that’s enjoyed by many individuals who love to explore the outdoors but prefer to do so with a camper van, fully equipped with beds and cooking equipment. It’s no doubt a smart way to camp. If you’re looking for a journal for van camping, look no further - you’ll find helpful resources right here. Some of our other camping blogs that deserve a mention explore the less frequently traversed alternate routes that enable outdoor lovers to uncover uncharted territories. 

After a long day spent trekking, walking, and exploring the wild, it’s natural to work up an appetite, but cooking outdoors can be a nightmare unless you learn basic skills for starting a fire and learning a few basic but yummy recipes. To this end, our camping blogs offer clever tips under the “cooking outdoors” section, so you can sustain yourself without cooking up a storm in the wild! 

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