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Bushcraft is a life-long process. The skills of bushcraft are not learned in traditional schools or universities. These are ancient skills that are passed down from generation to generation and learned with real-world experience from time spent in the outdoors. Bushcrafters are a special breed. Independent. Capable. Elemental. Their principles are simple, but not simplistic. They know how to survive and - more importantly - how to live. They appreciate a keen blade, a well-made fire, and the simple pleasure of a quiet night under the stars. 

The primary focus of bushcraft is acquiring and sharping knowledge about the outdoors. It also hinges on the understanding and practice of outdoor skills that focus on surviving, thriving, and harmonizing with the natural environment. One could say that Bushcraft skills are fundamental skills in that they are anchored in the basic elements and necessities of life—fire, water, earth, shelter, and food. The art of bushcraft—that is, knowing how to live off the land and away from urban conveniencesis a way of being that has largely vanished in our modern, urban world. For this reason, bushcraft might be viewed by some as an antidote to or a rebellion against our modern, screen-centric world.

A bushcrafter works to be capable in the following pursuits: Shelter building, foraging, hunting and trapping, fire making, and water purification. The tools required for bushcraft are primarily bladed tools—a large knife or froe, a small knife (fixed-blade or folding), a small saw, and an axe or hatchet. With these simple tools, a bushcrafter can handle just about any wilderness situation. These tools allow a bushcrafter to prepare food and traps, to cut branches, to whittle and carve wood, and to defend himself or herself if necessary. Beyond these essential tools, a bushcrafter appreciates a quality whetstone, a ferrocerium fire starter, an aluminum pot, a tarp, and a lightweight camp stove.

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