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Camping Axes and Blades for Any Job

Our axes and knives are curated for people who appreciate quality, durability, and function. We carry a wide selection of axes for throwing, splitting, and bushcraft as well as premium pocketknives and fixed blade knives for camping, backpacking, and other outdoor pursuits. We know that a good blade is more than a tool—it's a loyal companion and an extension of who you are.

When choosing axes and hatchets for our catalog, we are not interested in generic, made-in china hardware store axes. We focus on premium brands that have a reputation and history for crafting quality tools—brands like Hults Bruk and Adler. Yes, an axe is a simple tool. But there’s still much to consider when purchasing an axe—such as handle length, head weight, craftsmanship, and steel quality. If you take the time to find the right axe, you’ll have a tool that will feel balanced in the hand, will be pleasure to use, and will provide a lifetime of useful service.

When it comes to knives, outdoor enthusiasts have strong opinions . . . and so do we. For this reason, we carry wide selection of knives ranging from premium survival knives to everyday carry pocket knives. We place a premium on quality and functionality because we know that a knife isn’t just an accessory or a showpiece. The best knife—like every great tool—has a personality unique to itself that reveals itself slowly over time. 

We’ve Got All the Best Camping Blades

We're your trusted source for premium axes and knives. Outfit your kit with the best axes and knives from respected brands like Hults Bruk, Adler, Opinel, and Buck Knives.