Camping Cookware

Lightweight, Titanium Camp Cookware

Quality cookware accessories that are designed to be used in the outdoors are an essential component in adventure. Whether it's a packable cutting board or a heritage-quality cast iron skillet, a thoughtfully chosen kitchen kit translates into a more enjoyable (and delicious) outdoor cooking experience. 

When it comes to cooking over a campfire, nothing beats cast iron. Quality cast iron cookware—like our Field Company skillets—is designed with a higher purpose. While cheap cast iron is mass-produced, often in China, Field Company skillets are made one at a time in the U.S.A. These skillets are so well-made that they will likely outlive you, and then carry on your story. Field Company skillets are the closest living relative to the vintage cast iron cookware that our great grandmothers used for biscuits, cornbread, and bacon and eggs.

We’re also big fans of cooking with stainless steel. Can stainless steel be used over a campfire? Absolutely! Stainless steel is far lighter than cast iron, but it tolerates high heat quit well. Many campers prefer stainless steel over aluminum and titanium because it's more durable, more scratch resistant, and it transfers heat a little more evenly. It also performs better over an open flame. This makes it a top choice for backcountry campers who are hard on their gear and like to occasionally cook meals that go beyond simple backpacking fare. Another advantage of stainless steel over aluminum and titanium is that it's easier to clean. If you are the type of person who likes to keep your gear shipshape, then you will appreciate the way stainless steel cleans up compared to lighter metals.

We’ve Got the Best Camping Cookware

We're your trusted source for premium outdoor cookware. Outfit your camp kitchen kit with the best best skillets, pots, and kettles from respected brands like Field Company, Uberleben, and Barebones Living.