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Outdoor Electronics to Spark Your Adventure

When we enjoy that outdoors, we do everything we can to unplug and disconnect from the modern world. But this doesn’t mean we’re luddites—at least not completely. There’s definitely still a place for electronics in the outdoors. A GPS can keep us safe and on route. A packable solar panel can keep our camera charged. A solar lantern can keep our tent illuminated for a night of checkers and cards.

At home, an outlet is never far away, but in nature it’s not so simple. This isn’t a bad thing. We like challenges. But it’s still a consideration. This is why over the years, through test and trial, we’ve come to use and trust a few select outdoor electronics brands that offer durable products that get the job done. They keep our tents glowing late into the night. They keep our cameras clicking. They keep our GPS charged.

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