Camping Furniture

Camp Furniture to Make Your Basecamp a Home Away from Home

Whether you’re at a campground or boondocking off the beaten path, our camp furniture selection will keep you comfortable, dialed in, and prepared at basecamp and beyond. With a wide selection of chairs, cots, hammocks, and tables, we have you covered wherever your journey takes you.

Hammocks used to be a place to nap and that was it. Not anymore. Modern hammocks are packable, lightweight, and designed specifically for camping. Cots were once cumbersome and uncomfortable—not Bushtec cots; these luxurious cots are wide, sturdy, and incredibly soft. Looking for a camp chair to use around the campfire? Don’t bother with flimsy box store chairs; our Crazy Creek and Bushtec chairs are durable, designed for the outdoors, and unbelievably plush.

Our catalog of camp furniture from industry leaders such as Tembo Tusk, Bushtec Adventure, Crazy Creek, and Grand Trunk features top-of-the-line products that will last you for years to come. From weekend getaways to extended backcountry expeditions, we’ve got the gear that will help you turn your basecamp into a memorable home away from home.

We’ve Got the Best Outdoor Camping Furniture

We're your trusted source for premium camping furniture. Shop for camp furniture from the best brands like Tembo Tusk, Bushtec Adventure, Crazy Creek, and Grand Trunk.