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Having the right tool is the key to successfully completing many everyday tasks. But a quality tool isn’t just a means to an end. The best tools do more than serve utilitarian purposes—they are also things of beauty. There is pleasure in using them, in holding them, and even in looking at them. The best tools take the chore out of work, and they remind us that working with our hands on wood or in soil reconnects us with something primitive and good that screens and sound bites can never deliver. At Get Lost, we take special pride in our collection of blades and tools. We were raised to appreciate the value of good tools. We hope to pass this value on to you through this collection.

We’ve Got All Your Favorite Camping Blades

We're your trusted source of premium tools and blades. Outfit your kit with the best tools and blades from respected brands like Hults Bruk, Adler, Opinel, and Buck Knives.