Camping Lighting

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Headlamps for Hiking and More!

Nature gives us fireflies, stars, and moonlight, but if you want to see in the dark you are going to need flashlights and lanterns. Good lighting extends your day in camp, creates ambiance, and keeps you from tripping over logs, rocks, and unruly roots. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor lantern for your next camping adventure, some string lights to light up the trees around your tent, or a utility light for your next hike, our selection of camping lights will illuminate your way. When we camp, we like to use a variety of different lights—a lantern for general illumination, a few headlamps for focused tasks, and string lights for our tents. Good lighting is an essential component in any camping kit. Whether you’re hiking in the backcountry or simply sleeping in your car, it’s good to have multiple lights handy for both convenience and safety. 

We’ve Got the Best Outdoor Camping Lighting

We're your trusted source for premium camping illumination. Outfit your kit with the lanterns and lights from respected brands like Barebones Living, Princeton Tec, and Luci Outdoors.