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Outdoor Safety Gear

We all love to wax poetic about the beauty of nature, but the great outdoors can sometimes be, well, wild. It bites. It stings. It's predictably unpredictable. This is why we take safety and navigation seriously. You can’t control everything, but you can at least prepare yourself and equip yourself for mishaps and accidents. As the old adage goes: Prevention is the best medicine. For this reason, we keep first aid kits in all our vehicles and campers and we never go backpacking without a compass. Let’s face it. Life can be dangerous. Whether we’re at home, in our vehicle, or out on an adventure, we should all prepare ourselves with first aid kits and navigational tools that are ready to perform when you need them most. This is why we’ve chosen to carry My Medic first aid kits. Their kits are stocked with the highest quality gear, convenient features, and specialty tools that you won’t find anywhere else. This is also why we carry Silva Compasses. Silva has been making premium compasses for hiking, orienteering and marine use for over 85 years. Their durable compasses ensure accurate navigation whether you are on land or at sea, day and night.

We’ve Got the Best Camping Safety Gear

We're your trusted source for compasses and first aid kits. Be safe and prepared with compasses and first aid kits from respected brands like Silva and My Medic.