Camping Tents

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Tents Are Your Home away from Home

Whether you're camping with your family or fishing with your buddies, your home away from home in the outdoors doesn't need to be second-rate. A well-chosen, quality tent offers both comfort and protection from the elements. At Get Lost, we only carry tents with rugged reliability, premium quality, and heavy-duty durability because we believe that a quality tent is the foundation of a quality camping experience. 

Overlanding and car camping with family or friends is a year-round pastime for many of us. Whether visiting a national park or returning to a favorite camping spot in the woods, a quality tent is an essential component in a basecamp. We grew up camping in canvas tents, so we still have some nostalgia for this classic tent style, which is why we mostly collaborate with canvas tent companies. We love the modern take on the classic canvas tent—the stronger components, the thoughtful design, the high-tech water proof materials, and the true four season capabilities. We like tents that last, that can withstand the elements, that keep us comfortable whether it’s raining, snowing, or blowing. This is the reason that when we camp, you’ll find us camping in canvas tents. Why change when you’ve got a good thing going?

We’ve Got the Best Tents

We're your trusted source for premium canvas tents. Outfit your camping kit with the finest tents from Bushtec Adventure—a company that’s been building tents for over 50 years.