Shears & Hand Saws

Garden Shears, Garden Scissors and Hand Saws

Hand saws and garden shears are important tools for woodsman, gardeners, and foragers. Quality saws and shears are intentionally designed to facilitate comfortable handling and precision work.  A hand saw is excellent for small campground tasks like cutting small pieces of wood at a campsite and cutting down branches and deadwood for kindling and fuel. Quality saws make quick cuts and require less energy to use. Quality also translated into safety. The same can said regarding scissors and shears. Cheap hardware store scissors can be frustrating and difficult to use. The blades aren’t sharp and are difficult to resharpen. Premium shears and scissors, in contrast, sit comfortably in the hand and they are made from high quality steel, which can be sharpened to a keen edge for years to come. Whether you are cutting branches or harvesting ferns or watercress, a quality tool makes the task infinitely more enjoyable.

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