Outdoor Books and Journals

There is something about the pairing of outdoor living and literature that’s always had a romanticism about it. People who enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and as far into the wilderness as possible often tend to enjoy writing about their experiences as well as reading about those of others. In addition, those who thrive on living off the land can use a bit of help every now and then, and that can come in the forms of guides and how-to books that provide ideas and insight into how to make life work efficiently and safely in this context. 

Below you’ll find a series of outdoor books and journals as well as different choices for keeping field notes, adventure logs and the like. You’ll even find practical choices such as maps, waterproof journals and pencil sets that will keep you informed, entertained and busy at night as you study, write or just casually read in front of your fire.

Part of the reason that you spend time in the wilderness is for the memories, and what better, more authentic way to make and keep memories than to write about them and to think about how yours compare to those of others? Take a look at our outdoor books and manuals selections below and add some affordable, lightweight ways to both acquire information and to preserve it as you see and learn new things on your own adventures.