Portable Water Filters

Portable Water Filters and Purifiers for Clean Water Anywhere

When it comes to water, it's wise to be careful. It's tempting, for example, to drink from a mountain stream, but one needs to be careful because even the most pristine-looking water source can potentially make you sick. And as more and more people explore wild places, contamination levels will inevitably rise. All of this leads to a simple question: Why take a risk when there are so many quick and simple water treatment options available? We suggest that when it the outdoors, you make water one of your top priorities. This means that keep an eye on how much water you have with you; it also means that you pay attention to potential water sources nearby when you are hiking and exploring. If water runs short, don't panic. Proper pre-excursion preparation will keep you safe and hydrated. At Get Lost, we've chosen our water filter systems based on our own experience camping, mountain biking, backpacking, and traveling. 

We carry Grayl water filters because they are well-made, dependable and incredibly simple. We are huge fans of the Katadyn Befree Gravity Filter because it's the smartest and most practical basecamp water system that we've ever used. For water storage, we endorse Sagan Life Aquabricks because they are better made and far more thoughtfully designed than any other water storage systems on the market. 

We’ve Got the Best Water Filters for Camping

We're your trusted source for premium water filters. Outfit your adventure kit with the best water filters from respected brands like Sagan Life, Aquamira, Grayl, and Katadyn.