Solar Camping Lights

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Solar Camping Lights, Portable Solar Panels and Lanterns

When we were kids, we used propane lanterns to light up our campsites. Do we miss those old lanterns with that smell of propane and those strange, delicate mantles? Okay, maybe a little. But we have to admit, these new solar powered lanterns are incredible. Twice the light. Half the mess. No propane needed. All of this is possible because of portable solar power panels. And that’s not all. We can charge our cameras and phones using only the energy of the sun. It’s incredible.

Portable battery chargers are another technological advancement that we appreciate. There’s nothing worse than returning to your truck after a long day of fishing to find your battery dead. Now days, the problem is solved with a portable battery charger that’s smaller than a sandwich. Keep one stashed in your vehicle. If your battery charge ever gets too low, you can save the day with a simple hand-held charger.

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