Trail Journals

Trail Journals to Chronicle Your Adventures

Those of us who enjoy getting away from the bustle of city life and as far into the wilderness as possible often enjoy writing about our experiences. We write to record and remember, to take note of the world around us. At Get Lost, we curate a selection of outdoor books and journals that focus on travel, camping, fishing, and outdoor exploration. Part of the reason we spend time in the wilderness is for the memories, and what better, more authentic way to make and keep memories than to write them down for ourselves and for posterity.

Whether you’re looking for a waterproof journal, a stylish fishing log, or a pocket-sized adventure log to take with you on your travels, we’ve got everything you’ll need to chronicle your next adventure.

We’ve Got the Best Outdoor Hiking Journals

We're your trusted source for quality unique and inspirational outdoor books and journals. Shop for travel and adventure journals from the best brands like Word.Notebooks, Field Notes, and Cavallini & Co.