Awaken the Bear

Awaken the Bear is a small book with a big message: Spending time in nature boosts mental acuity, promotes health and wellness, encourages creativity, and invites contentment. 

Awaken the Bear 

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Here's What It's About...

#1How to re-wild and unplug: Our actions are out of sync with our wild inheritance. Our cubicles, our feeds, our routines, our commutes are just bars in a cell.  Reconnecting with our wilder nature—waking up, you might say, our inner bear—is a crucial component in our well-being.

#2How to see your daily routine with new eyes: The modern world has lulled us into a collective hibernation. To wake up, we need to stop the noise, activate our senses, and re-wild our daily patterns. 

#3How to open the door to wilder and more meaningful life: The goal for all of us should be to approach life with excitement and zest, to feel alive and activated, and to live a life that is wild and authentic. But none of this happens on its own. There are levers that we need to pull, and we need to ask the right questions: Why and where are we meant to roam? What animates us? What challenges us? Then we need to pursue the answers and awaken the bear within.

*Also available as an ebook in Kindle (MOBI) format & Apple, Nook, & Kobo (EPUB) format.


Welcome to the Adventure

Each book in this four-part series (Part II is coming soon!) explores a different pillar of the adventure-driven life and the skills that sustain it. The entire series is underpinned by two related truths: A well-lived life is an adventurous life and an adventurous life requires skillful living.

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