Awaken the Bear

Awaken the Bear was inspired by a road trip across Alaska and an encounter with seven-hundred pound pound grizzly. That adventure was also the inspiration for Get Lost, the website you're visiting right now.

Both the book and the website are a salute to the simple pleasures found in the outdoors. Both are a raised glass to the people who taught me to appreciate what it means to live free. 

Brian Meier

People who are drawn to this website, people like you, tend to share my love of adventure. They see value in wild places. They also tend to be alert observers who live with an eye toward understanding.

I wrote Awaken the Bear and built this website with people like you in mind. . . so, thank you, sincerely, and cheers.



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Awaken the Bear is a small book with a big message: Spending time in nature boosts mental acuity, promotes health and wellness, encourages creativity, and—most importantlyinvites contentment 


Here's What You'll Discover in Awaken the Bear


How to Re-wild and Unplug: Our actions are out of sync with our wild inheritance. Reconnecting with our wilder nature—waking up, you might say, our inner bear—is a crucial component in our well-being.


How to See Your Daily Routine with New Eyes: The modern world has lulled us into a collective hibernation. To wake up, we need to stop the noise, activate our senses, and re-wild our daily patterns. 


How to Open the Door to a More Meaningful Life: The goal for all of us should be to approach life with excitement and zest, to feel alive and activated, and to live a life that is wild and authentic. But none of this happens on its own. There are levers that we need to pull, and we need to ask the right questions. Awaken the Bear digs into these questions and provides actionable ways to pursue the answers.