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Fire Safe - packable and portable
Fire Safe with carry case
Fire Safe - Airflow
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Fire Safe Portable Fire Pit

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Collapsible & Travel-ready

The Fire Safe's hinged collapsible design allows for a large fuel capacity and mighty fire while maintaining a pack-down size slimmer than 1” and weighing less than 2.2lbs. This enables you to go on any kind of adventure (big or small) while minimizing the space it takes up in your bag. And it all packs into a durable travel case, which includes storage for kindling and modular pockets for accessories.

Fire Safe - carry case  fire safe - collapsible packdown

Smart Design & Easy Clean Up

The Fire Safe is engineered specifically to maximize efficiencies while minimizing consumption. In other words, it burns clean and hot. Directional airflow and wind shielding efficiently burns charcoal or wood in both strong or light wind conditions. The segmented design allows you to add charcoal to only the areas that you wish to heat, allowing you to use just enough fuel to cook your meal (no need to waste charcoal). Fire Safe requires 26% less fuel per unit of surface area than its closest "competitor." After use, the same component that allowed for efficient airflow act as a scoop for the ashes creating the first disposal-conscious fire containment base. The Fire Safe was intentionally designed with a minimal trace mentality.

    Fire Safe - Air Flow Fire Safe - Assembly

    Cooking Compatible

    The Fire Safe works beautifully with its partner-in-crime, The M1 Grill (sold separately). The Fire Safe’s segmented fuel containment and adjustable grilling heights give you total control of your cooking heat. You can even create heat zones for different foods.

    fire safe grilling heights


    Weight: 910g or 2lb
    Packed Dimensions: 11.4” x 0.9” x 4.1”
    Burn Area: 11.4” x 11”
    Fuel Capacity: 0.8 US gal or 3.02 L
    Unpacked Dimensions:  11.4” x 10.9” x 4.1”
    Materials (Safe): 304 stainless steel
    Materials (carry case): recycled polyester (PET/RPET)
    Warranty: 1 year limited