field company skillet combo set
field company no.10 skillet
field company no.6 skillet

Two-piece Field Skillet Set

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Two Light and Smooth Cast Iron Skillets

The Field Company Two-piece Cast Iron Cookware Set features the versatile 11" No.10 and the agile 8 ⅜" No.6. These impeccably crafted skillets will instantly elevate your cooking game. Field Company Skillets are meticulously-designed to be smooth and light, reminiscent of the best vintage American skillets. These beautiful cast iron skillets will quickly become your go-to cookware: Light enough for everyday cooking while still retaining the heft needed for high-heat searing. Unlike other cast iron cookware, which tends to be heavy and cumbersome, the handle ergonomics and the weight of these skillets has been optimized to make them easy to maneuver around the stovetop, oven, and grill.

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet

    What We Like about Field Company Skillets:

    Like a hand-made knife or a bamboo fly rod, these cast iron skillets are meant to be enjoyed and then passed down from generation to generation. Does this skillet cost more? On the surface, yes. But if you love to use it (which you will) and if you intend to pass it on someday (which you can and should) then this skillet is well worth the extra cost. These skillets are capable, durable, and at home in most any context. Sear over hot coals. Fry eggs on the latest induction cooktop. Serve guests at the table. And the smooth finish is no joke - it's impressively smooth. We also really appreciate the fact that these skillets are made in America.

    Why Buy A Field Company Skillet?

    1. Cheap cast iron is mass-produced, often in China. Field Company skillets are made one at a time in the U.S.A. This is a family business.
    2. Cheap cast iron come with a sandpaper-rough finish because a crucial step (a step that was once part of traditional cast iron cookware manufacturing) is skipped—the time-consuming grinding that removes the residual sand of the molding process. In contrast, the cooking surface on a Field Company skillet is carefully polished, not rough and pebbled. 
    3. Lifting a cheap skillet is a two-hand affair. A Field Company skillet is far lighter than a mass-produced skillet, making it easier to use. Both the #6 and #10 can easily be lifted with one hand, which is not the case with most cast iron cookware. This is by design and it's a result of skilled craftsmanship: Enough heft for heat-retention, but still light enough to use every day.
    4. Many cheaper cast iron skillets claim to be pre-seasoned, but of course this is hardly true. Assembly line "pre-seasoning" is a far cry from the authentic pre-seasoning you'll enjoy on a Field Company skillet, which come pre-seasoned with two coats of grapeseed oil. These skillets are good to go out of the box. Plus you'll begin cooking with confidence because the time-honored craft of "seasoning" was initiated by people who care about quality.
    5. This is not another cheap, throw-away product. A Field Company skillet is heritage quality, which means it is designed with a higher purpose. This skillet will outlive you, but in a very real way it will carry on your story.


    • No.10: 11 ⅝" top, 9 ¾" cooking surface, 6 lb
    • No.6: 8 ⅜" top, 7" cooking surface, 3 lb