Tindår Wick + Bellow

Product image 1Tindår Wick with flame
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Product image 3Tindår Wick with stove
Product image 4Tindår Wick

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Sparking a fire has never been easier thanks to the KeroDry™ paraffin-wax infused hemp wick in the Tindår. Simply fluff the end, spark it with a ferro rod, and maneuver your flame wherever the heck you want it. It's like having a matchstick that burns for an hour. And if you need a quick vortex of oxygen to stoke your fire, just pull the wick out and use the sleeve as a micro bellow. 

  • KeroDry™ parrifin-wax infused hemp wick (6mm x 13")
  • One-hour cumulative burn time (equivalent to a Bic™ lighter)
  • Ultralight at sub 1oz (0.6oz) 
  • Weatherproof
  • Anodized aluminum sleeve keeps it cool to the touch
  • Doubles as micro pocket bellow 
  • Don't forget to grab a Refill Pack!
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