woox volante hatchet
woox volante hatchet with tools
woox volante hatchet - angled view
man holding a woox volante hatchet
carving wood with a woox volante hatchet
woox volante hatchet head - closeup
woox volante hatchet woodgrain - close-up
Volante Throwing Axe

Volante Throwing Axe

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A Perfectly Balanced Axe for Throwing & Splitting

The WOOX Volante Axe is a beautifully crafted tool that is designed to be an all-purpose camp hatchet as well as a precision throwing hatchet. The Volante features a high quality hickory handle and a high carbon steel axe head. The lightweight head allows a thrower accuracy and precision while the Volante's portable and packable size make it ideal as a backcountry tool.

woox throwing hatchet making a bullseye

What We Like about the Volante:

This hatchet comes out of the box super sharp, the handle has a great feel to it, and the lightweight head really makes for easy throwing. We also use it quite a bit for splitting kindling.


*The Volante meets the Competition Requirements of the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF).


Tempered Carbon Steel Head (C45/1045)


Blue Polished


American Appalachian Hickory


Water-resistant Finish


14“ or 35 cm


4” or 10.6 cm

WOOX Volante Hatchet Measurements