kelly kettle scout in aluminum
kelly kettle scout in aluminum - marshmellow
kelly kettle scout in aluminum - diagram
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kelly kettle scout in aluminum - pouring water
kelly kettle basecamp  in aluminum
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Kelly Kettle Volcano Stove - Stainless Steel

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The Kelly Kettle is nicknamed the "Volcano Stove" because it can bring water to a boil within a matter of minutes. Kelly Kettles are ideal for outdoor activities like car camping and hunting, and they are also popular in emergency preparedness kits and bug-out bags. They are safe and dependable, there are no moving parts to break, and the best part: They don't require fuel canisters - the heat source is entirely natural (twigs, bark, grass, etc.).


kelly kettle diagramkelly kettle pouring water

How it Works:

The Kelly Kettle is essentially a double-walled chimney with the water contained in the chimney wall. For a heat source, it uses all natural fuel such as sticks, twigs, dry grass, pine cones, and bark. 

Once the camp kettle is filled with water, you simply start a very small fire in the base, set the kettle on the base, and then drop additional fuel (twigs, leaves, grass, paper, etc.) down the chimney. That's it. Once the fire is going, you'll have boiling water in minutes.

The Kelly Kettle originated on the Irish coast, so you better believe that it works well in wind and rain - in fact, they actually work better in wind so there is no need to find shelter when brewing up!

What Size Kettle is Right for You?

  • The Base Camp Kettle is the largest of the Kelly Kettles. It boils approximately 54 fl. oz of water at a time – that’s nine 6 oz. mugs of water for camp coffee, tea or hot cocoa. The Base Camp is ideal for families and groups. It's 13″ tall and only weighs 2.55 lbs.
  • The Scout is the medium sized version of the three Kelly Kettles. It boils 41 fl.oz. of water. The scout is ideal for for small groups, family camping, hunting, fishing, kayaking, and car camping, picnics. It's 10.4″ tall (packed) and only weighs 2.2 lbs
  • The Trekker is the smallest kettle in Kelly Kettle family. The Trekker boils 20 fl.oz. of water - perfect for two cups of coffee or morning oatmeal.The Trekker is ideal for solo campers or couples who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, or canoeing. It's 10.4″ tall (packed) and only weighs 1.5 lbs.

A Kelly Kettle is perfect for . . . 

  • Camping: If you are camping and just want a convenient quick way to heat up your water for hydrating food or brewing a cup of coffee the Base Camp Large Kelly Kettle is great. It will deliver about 7 cups of hot water in just a few minutes. Your camping gear will not be complete without a Kelly Kettle.
  • Backpacking and Hiking: Backpackers and hikers love the Trekker Small Kelly Kettle for its light weight and natural fuel burning ability. Never worry about carrying heavy fuel in your backpack again. The Trekker Kettle holds a little over 2 cups of water, which is enough to hydrate your dehydrated evening meal and extra for a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. You will never go on a backpacking trip again without your Trekker Kelly Kettle.
  • Kayaking & Canoeing: When paddling, no one wants to carry any more than necessary. Once again, the Trekker Kelly Kettle is ideal because of its light weight, use of natural fuel, and how fast it will boil water when you are exhausted from kayaking all day.
  • Fishing and Hunting: The Kelly Kettle was created to quickly produce hot water for coffee and other hot drinks while fishing on the beautiful lakes of Ireland. The same is still true today. All three sizes of kettles are well suited for the fisherman or hunter depending on the size of the group and whether you are backpacking into a remote area to catch the big fish or bag the trophy deer or elk or just setting up camp for a leisurely outing.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Survival: The Kelly Kettle is an essential element in any emergency preparedness plan. In an emergency or disaster situation, the most important part of survival is being able to obtain pure water. Without access to other types of fuel such as gas or propane, it may be difficult to get pure water. Since the Kelly Kettle uses only natural fuels, in a disaster you will still have access to ample natural fuel to boil and purify water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene.

What is Included with the Kelly Kettle?

A fire base, an attached whistle, and drawstring carrying bag are included with each Kelly Kettle. The durable stainless steel fire base inverts up into the bottom of the kettle to make the unit as compact as possible for transport and storage. The whistle lets you know when your water is hot. The carrying bag, well, you know what that's for.

Want to Boil Water and Cook Too? No problem.


See our Ultimate Kit offerings for a Kelly Kettle + all the accessories you'll need to boil water and cook up a feast.


The Story behind the Kelly Kettle:

The Kelly Kettle was originally created for Irish fisherman who needed to quickly boil water for coffee and tea. Now, over 125 years later, the unique Kelly Kettle is still boiling water quickly and easily in the outdoors.  

The first kettle dates back to the 1890s to a small farm on the shores of Lough Conn, County Mayo, Ireland, when a young Patrick Kelly (Great grand-father of the current Co. Directors of Kelly Kettle), a small farmer and fisherman, developed his first kettle from Tin after a cold winter of tinkering and experimenting in a shed. The kettle worked extremely well but burned out from regular use on Lough Conn when Patrick was fishing for Trout & Salmon the following summer. After going through a number of Tin kettles, he developed the kettle in copper which proved more durable. News of his kettle spread among local anglers and it received wondrous looks from anglers visiting from the U.K.

Now, over a century later, the Kettle Kettle is still going strong. Brothers Patrick & Seamus Kelly, are proud to be the fourth generation of 'Kellys' to bring you their popular kettles.  Following in the footsteps of their father Padraic, grandfather Jim & great-grandfather Patrick, the Kelly brothers continue to develop the Kelly Kettle brand.